An ordinary pebble gray, unassuming — just a pebble but not so to the one who loves it seeing not a fragment — a piece of stone something small — the one who loves it sees not stone but a glowing sun. there’s an isolating dew in the evening air. God is greeting this awkward […]

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For Me

For Me For me, everything is holy,unless it seeks to harm another —the birds & trees seem to agreeas well as the soft silver bluemash potato sky I’m watchingout of the corner of my eye. And then there is a spirit filledwith love for the whole mess —this seems really holy. It’s really kind of […]

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Everything   Everything flies into & from Consciousness — always was, will be & into Now.   there is no elegy just a continual cycle of heaven   as our dog carelessly barks eternal yawns   of peace to nothing & everything   always present   8.25.22        

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